Our cause

What we think about depression

We at Ikigai Sunnies thing that depression is a serious issue.We believe that overcoming depression is possible: WITH HELP. We are not simply talking about seeking professional help, but more about being well surrounded by close friends and family!

However, life isn't perfect and sometimes you run out of these resources and need an alternative.  The Therapy center " La Vigile " in Québec City, Canada is a precious resource available to any and all individuals. They truly help people to regain a positive state of mind and help them find their Ikigai.

What we do to help

Ikigai Sunnies donates $1.00 “La Vigile” EVERY TIME someone purchases an Ikigai product. We want to help everyone find their Ikigai and enjoy life!

La Vigile

La Vigile is a therapy center founded in 2003 in Québec City, Québec, Canada, where they help more than 2500 people struggling with addiction, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and more.

In their first 3 years in operation, they estimated that 56% of their clientele had suicidal tendencies, 32% were depressed, 36% had an addiction and 19% were there because they needed a break ( burnout ). 

We believe in their message and in their work; which is why we have chosen to support them through the use of donations and sharing their purpose.

Here is their number if you or someone you know needs help.
1 866 277-3553